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fishing a new lake

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I have fished a new lake for about 3 months now (10 trips) and i can t seem to get a handle on the fish in the lake the lake is about 180 acres, max depth is about 20 feet and there is alot of hydrilla in the lake, probably 65 % of the the lake is covered with the stuff. any suggestions as to what you may try.

thanks in advance

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May I make a suggestion or two?

First, get a map of the lake.  If there are no commercial maps then go to the County and see what maps they have or contact the Corps of Engineers in your area.

Second, ride around the lake looking for old roads that once existed before the lake was flooded, if it was flooded. Old roads on the lake bottom makes for a great roadway for the bass to travel.

Third, get Mike Iaconelli's "Ike's Rules for Better Fishing" Volume 1:  Taking the Luck OUt of the Equation.

This DVD will tell you how to approach any body of water that you have never fished before.  It is excellent.

Fourth, if you have a sonar unit on your boat, you will have to take time to "zig-zag" in specific areas to map the contour, hardness/softness and structure/cover on the bottom; what baitfish you see, etc.  You do this before you fish so you will know what is under you and where it is.

The types of baitfish are important, too. So check them out one day by fishing for them or watching the water for their schools.

Fifth, using a Carolina-rig with a tungston weight, feel the bottom for grass, rocks, gravel, etc.

Sixth, are there any "old timers" who know the lake and can give you tips?  You may be able to find other boaters on the lake that can give you some help.

And last, just watch and see where others go to fish.

If you cannot find a commercial or County map you may have to make one, yourself.

Be sure to write down everything when you catch a bass.  Where you are; water clarity; time of day; overhead conditions; water temperature; depth; around any wood, cover or structure; what you threw; your technique; etc.  Anthing that will give you a better understanding of how the bass in this lake migrate and feed.

Good luck.

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