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Florida Panhandle

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Hello everyone, newb here! (Newb to the forum, not bass fishing!)

The wife and I are moving to Panama City Beach in June and was curious if anyone has any experience fishing this area? I have been doing alot of research on the local fishing and seems like Deer Point Lake is pretty good. (I hope so because if there's no BASS, we aren't moving!!) ;D

I am looking forward to the different species I will be able to fish. I've fished S Florida for the past 12 years which is home to the beloved Peacock Bass! I will miss those guys but am looking forward to Striper and Crappies...

Any advice, suggestions, or expreience with this region would be great!! Also, looking to buy a 14-16ft v-hull and decking it. With a minimum of 25hp, I should be ok to move around pretty good, right? I only have a 2wd Jeep (4.0 6 Cylinder) and would hate to be pulled into the water by a 18ft Glass boat.... :'(

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Lake Seminole shouldn't be too far for ya. It's a great lake with big fish chillin' in the hydrilla!

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