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I am leaving for Disney and then on to Stick Marsh tomorrow

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Tomorrow moring I am hooking up the boat and making the treck to Orlando.  We are going to take the kids to Disney parks and Universal Studios parks for a week.  On the 15th I am going to head down to Stick Marsh to fish for a week.

Anyone have any information about the current water temperature, water clarity and patterns that are working right now?

Generally I have heard that Senkos and Rattletraps are the goto baits.  Fish the gates and spillways when water is flowing and to probably start out in the Southwest portion of Farm 13.  Bumping stumps is another thing that has been mentioned.  

I have read that the grass was destroyed by the series of hurricanes a few years ago.  Has the grass come back?  Thanks to anyone that has any information.

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 Don't have any advice, just wanted to wish you the best of luck !!!

                                       As Ever,


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Work your way back through this entire section. George Welcome

posts weekly on what's working and how he fishes. I am very

surprised you haven't hired him to take you fishing for at least a day.

Most importantly, be careful! Stick Marsh/ Farm 13 is dangerous for

those that don't fish the lakes regularly.

Be very careful.

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