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Kerr Reservior in April

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Can anyone give any tips for Kerr Reservior in April? Staying at Cripple Creek Fish Camp on the Virginia side. Fishing on 4-22-09 thru 4-25-09. Any particular creeks, coves, or areas I should look for?

Any help is greatly appreciated. MikeS

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That's such a wide open question for Kerr.  It all depends on how much rain has come down.  The lake level fluctuates so much and the color can go from clear to muddy in no time.  

My favorite fishing on Kerr has been in April/May with the water level around 302-305.  

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If the water level is high, just find you some flooded bushes and trees and go to work. Spinnerbaits, cranks, flukes, etc....plus you should have fish on beds during that time frame.

You can't go wrong in Grassy Creek or Nutbush either one. Both are dynamite creeks in the late spring.

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Ask that question again around the first of April. The weather patterns will determine whether the Northern creeks or Southern creeks are the most productive at the end of April any particular year.

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1.  Call this number to find out the water level: 434.738.6371.

2.  You may have to to Extension 275 to get the report.

3.  300 is the normal level of the lake.

4.  303-304 is in the bushes.

5.  You want to be in the bushes.  Higher level, better fishing.

6.  Get on-line and secure a Kerr Reservoir (Buggs Island Lake) map from GMCO. www.gmcomaps.com.  You will need this map to plan your trip and to be able to return back to your launch site.

7.  Plan to fish an "area" or coves and creeks. There are too many places to fish this body of water as it is a very big lake.

8.  Moving baits and plastics in April.

9.  Docks are "floating" due to the water levels rise and fall. Sometimes a Carolina rig in front of the docks can be productive as can the Split-Shot rig along the shore line when the bite slows down.

10.  Study the GMCO map for humps, submerged structure, creeks, coves, etc.

11.  There was as site, www.kerrlakefishing.com, but I can't find it. So Google Kerr Lake and see what comes up and then visit those web sites for some local updates and information.


Kerr is a big lake and it can get rough out there if there is a lot of wind.  So always wear your PFD and be cautious.

Get the GMCO map so you can begin to study the lake and plan your fishing adventure.

Good luck.  ;)

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Wayne, thanks a million.

I will remove the old site and replace it with the new site in my favorites.


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