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Lake Wylie, SC

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Hi there, I am a newbie to this site and to fishing in SC. I am used to the natural lakes of the North. Can anyone help me with locating spring bass on Wylie (or inpoundment lakes in general)? It seems that the bottom is all clay or soft, and there are no weeds. Thanks for your help

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I've never fished Lake Wylie but I do know a little about it. I do know that not all the lake is soft bottom. Many of the pockets and coves have hard bottome in and near the shallows.

Go to our articles section and read a few of the ones on Spring Tactics. Most of them are written with impoundments in mind.

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I fish the lakes just up from you most of the time. However, I have fished wylie with a few friends. Most of the luck i have had is way back in the creeks of wylie. Its a great lake for any crawfish imitation in the summer because the bass go way back in the coves looking for this tasty meal. As far as spring goes, I haven't fished wylie in the spring, but if its anything like Norman and Mountain Island, I would look around the the creek channels for deeper bass beginning to move shallow. As far as baits for this area, I LOVE tubes, lipless cranks are great for schooling bass. btw wylie can get rather muddy so bright colors and sounds may be needed to get some of the bass to bight. good luck to ya.  :)

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