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Chickahominy Lake VA

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Gonna head to Chickahominy Lake tommorow, gonna put in either at Ed Allen's or Eagles Landing depending on where I plan on fishing. Which brings me to my point, has anyone been here lately (last couple weeks)? Where have most of the fish been caught? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I fish Chick Lake a lot. But I'll be darned if I'm gonna tell you where to fish :).

I'll give you some general advice. From what I've seen, the bass aren't bedding yet. In fact, they are only just now moving into shallower water in numbers. Last week, the water was still pretty cold. I've had luck in about 6-8 feet of water especially around structure with craw colored cranks, 'bama and okeechobee colored worms. Some people are doing well on beavers. Suspending jerks that will get down to about 6-8 feet should produce well.

Try the south shore. Ends of docks, boats, points, etc. Deeps drop offs near huge cypress trees. Around mid April, the shallows on the north side produce well.

I love Chick Lake.  When I die, I want part of my ashes sprinkled there.   I'll fertilize those amazing water lillies, and all scoundrels on Newport News city council can drink me.

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Hey. I work for the Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries and am doing all the creel surveys at Ed Allens and Eagles Landing at Chickahominy Lake. The past month I would say the best bet would be to go to Ed Allens. People have mostly been catching decent Crappie and Chain Pickerel. There has been some bass caught but not much size. The average has been about 11 inches. Everyone says they are catching them with artificial so thats what I would use. For where exactly they are fishing I don't know that for sure so Good luck. Say hi sometime if you see me sitting there in my truck. I will be there till October.


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