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Looking for BANK FISHING in SC

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Anyone have any spots to take my 7 yrd old son bank fishing ? We are boatless this season and looking for some variation to our normal spots plus camping opportunities.

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Alright, There are 2 or 3 half decent spots in SC for Wylie. Duke Enery's site has some great maps (http://www.duke-energy.com/lakes/facts-and-maps/lake-wylie.asp) Copperhead is a pretty nice area, has a dock to cast into.

In NC, there are a number of places. Most boat launches do not officially allow fishing unless they say so but most of them people fish at, just so long as they stay clear of the launches there do not have issues.

Allen fishing area is also known as the "Hot Hole". it is a swift river discharge from a power plant, into the lake, it is loaded with Catfish most of the year. Tons of area to fish.

From that site there are links to all Catawba river lakes Duke Manages with access points.

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Here is a tip:

Go to Google Maps and locate ponds around your area(use map and satellite).  Take a drive to potential locations to check them out.  Private property is tough but sometimes you'll find a pond on a business property without - no fishing/tresspassing signs.  I found quite a few that way ...

Also check out parks and rec sites of close by towns.  If they have a fishing pond, they'll have it listed.  Then check it out with google maps again.

Bass in your area has the potential to be large ...

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Before I got my boat - I went to Copperhead Island on Wiley its a great area with lots of piers and barbieQ pits if ya planed on spending a day down there.

Mstarr's spots are gona be good :P Still need to meet up with him.

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