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Fishing new places..

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How do you locate bass thoughout the year in places you've never fished? No matter where I go, I always fish creeks, creek mouths, drop offs, points and any structure on deep banks. The water temp. is over 60' everywhere around here.

Early Spring into early Summer I fish the same, sunrise I fish a Buzzbait and Spinnerbait along grass beds and logs, once the sun comes up I keep the spinnerbait out and fish Deep Little N's in creek mouths and structure on deep banks. If the crankbait bite isn't working I will go to flipping/pitching jigs/craws into tree tops on deep banks. If this doesn't work I go back to spinnerbait/crankbait. Sometimes I'll throw the Shakey Head but I'm just getting used to this rig.

During the summer I fish DD22's and Deep Little N's and a spinnerbait early. If the cranks don't produce I'll go to a Carolina rig or Shakey Head rig.

What else do I need to know or consider when fishing new places?

Also, is it true, if the river/lake is rising the fish will not bite as good and if it is dropping the fish bite better?

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Honestly go and buy the Bass Pros DVD at Bass Pro and it will explain alot of that in simple terms. Its well worht hte money. Plus you get alot of other useful info.

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1. Humps are among the best offshore bass structures

2. Ridges along submerged river and creek channels

3. Grass flats

4. Drop-offs that are associated with a sudden change in depth contour rather than a submerged channel.

5. Submerged roadbeds

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