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Rigging a tube

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I was wondering how most of you guys rig and fish tube baits, I am not too familliar with them and havea few packs Id like to give a try. I read the little article about tubes on here but would really like to get some advice from guys who use them everyday.

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I fish rig them 3 different ways.

Trigged with a slip sinker

Trigged with a bell sinker inside

When trigging I use a homemade clip to keep the bait in place

Weedless jig insert

I use a piece of tubing with a nain inside for the weedless.  I run it through the tube then put the weed guard inside the tube and push the insert in.  Pulling the tube through the hole lets the weedguard come out the hole and exposes the insert hook eye.




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We Trig them with internal rattling weights from Lindy.  BPS also has their own brand of these weights.  This has proven to be a very snag resistant set up.  One thing though, these internal weights do not work well with the tubes that have a solid nose.  Straight single or double pours work just fine.

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Weedless on a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG Owner hook with an unpegged 3/16-3/8oz bullet weight.

For flipping tubes, I like to rig them weightless or with a regular 1/4oz ball jighead inside the tube.

Carolina Rigs are a killer way to present a tube to deep water summer bass.

X2 except for the c-rig (never used it) I have some tube hooks, and use those.

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