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Castaic Rock Hard

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I haven't been impressed with any of the Castaic baits I've fished.  QC seems to be a problem for them.

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Hehe .... the end of the hardness of rocks as we knew it.

Sounds like Rock-Hard as a name wasn't such a good idea.

At least Daniel, you can save a few bucks and buy you that C.C Bait.

As for the Softbait Platinum...... I don't know if some notice it too.

But I was at a show in Dan's country for LC early this year.

In my free time, I was playing with a floating 6" and it would not swim straight. So I just added a pear-shaped 3/8 sinker on the hook eye and it turn it into a new version of the slow sinking. But the action was better than that of the normal slow sinking.

I ended up selling about 50 floating with weights.... And I wasn't even here for Castaic

As for the catchability of the bait, I'm not much of a swimbait fisher but I've tried the softbait on pikes, it works OK but tears up too easily ....even on bass.

As for the Rock-hard, I was ready to give it a try..... I guess I won't.

At least, it shows you can't really be a fraud in the swimbait markets.

Another example after the Real Calif. Supreme issue...

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