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Two hunters have been out in the woods for hours without seeing a thing. They eventually come to a clearing in the woods where they find a huge hole in the ground.

"Wonder how deep it is ?" asks the first hunter.

"I dunno" replies the second one "why don't you throw something down there and maybe we can tell by how long it takes to hear the sound when it hits bottom".

So the first guy throws a large branch down the hole. They both listen but dont hear a thing. "Wow" he says "that must be pretty deep. Lets try something else".

They find a big log and roll it to the edge of the hole then push it in. Again, no sound of it hitting bottom. They both stare at each other in disbelief. "This is crazy" said the first guy.

So they walk around a bit until one of them finds an eight foot section of railroad track. "Help me drag this thing over. It's gotta make a racket when it hits the bottom !" said one of the hunters.

They grunt and groan for fifteen minutes getting the track section to the edge of the hole. They shove it into the hole and are standing there listening when a huge red goat comes running full speed out of the woods and jumps down the hole.

As they're standing there in shock over what they had just seen, an old man walks out of the woods up to them and asks "You boys happen to see a big red goat?"

"Yeah" says one of the hunters "He just jumped down that big 'ol hole right there"

"Well, I find that hard to believe" replied the old man "Especially since I had him tied to an eight foot section of railroad track".....

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