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My Christmas Cliff's....

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-Go to breakfast on Dec. 23 with the girlfriend

-Go to buy that one last thing for her and debit card is DENIED

-Check online banking, breakfast store charged me $1,723 for breakfast instead of $17.23 despite my duplicate copy receipt saying $17.23

-Deal with breakfast place, won't come off debit card for 3-5 days and I won't transfer money in to cover it just in-case they really take it, I will live off credit card for next 3-5 days

- Breakfast place asks for debit card again to swipe and pay for breakfast, I LOL'd


-Go to wrap GF's new Ihome and noticed one of the four seals is cut

-Open box

-No Ihome

-Drive to Wal Mart Christmas Eve at 10am

-After an hour I convince I never took it out and they give me a new one

-The electronics manager later tells me that this is about the 15th case of this, yet it takes them an hour of me restating my story before believing .... :-?


-Wake up at 6am Christmas Eve to make lasagna for Christmas dinner

-Blend sauce because certain family members do not like "chunky sauce"

-Bottom of blender cracks without me knowing when I go to remove the sauce

-Three jars of tomato sauce go everywhere at 6:30am Christmas morning

-I throw blender off 2nd story deck

- Drive to Wal Mart for more sauce...

Bring on 2011

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They say that bad things come it threes.  Looks like you proved it.  ;D

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#1. The way I see it any woman should be indebted to you for life for being treated to a $1700. breakfast.(Did you at least get a bottle of Dom to toast with)

#2 What did you do with the other 14 Ihome's? BTW What the hell is an Ihome?

#3 It's called gravy not sauce.

Don't sweat the small stuff. If it's not life or death it ain't worth the stress. 

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