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"DSL Uncorrected Blocks"

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Dave Saavedra Likes Uncorrected Blocks?   :-?

Yeah, no clue.

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Wireless communication is sent in blocks of data. Similar to "packets" in old wired data transfer. When the blocks get distorted by static or interference the software used by the data carrier (verizon, At&t, etc) tries to fill in the blanks so the call doesn't drop. If enough blocks are not "corrected" you lose the call. They are not really corrected, they are just postponed hoping that the signal will improve and restore the data stream. I don't really get it all, this is how it was explained to me.


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Alpster, I'm a VoIP and network engineer and we install VoIP and data networks and we integrate wireless phones with wired enterprise IP phones. We basically converge the entire customer network. In the Cisco world a missing voice packet can be predicted and concealed based on the surrounding data. Generally speaking though, if more than one voice packet is missing you can't conceal it and you end up with choppy voice. This sounds like a similar concept in wireless communication that you are talking about. However, the phrase that fourbizz asked about mentions DSL which I assume to be digital subscriber line broadband which is wired. Does the acronym, DSL, refer to a different technology in the wireless world?

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