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Mike 12345

Best way to choose a bass club?

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I am considering joining a local bass club in my area.

There are several to choose from, so I'm wondering what is the best way to choose the one best for me?

Obviously, given 10 bass clubs, there will be things a person would like/not like in any of those given clubs,

but what are some of the core things that are important to consider when 'shopping' for a club?

Not really BASS vs. FLW issues, I'm talking about things that would make you enjoy spending time in the club?

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some people care about affiliations

BASS has meetings monthly and FLW has paper tourneys with 1 annual meeting in my area

but more importantly talk to the president and find out things like how many members it has, how old is the club, where they meet, what lakes they fish normally, does the same person win every time, then attend a meeting and see if you connect with some of the members-- ie. are they good guys

good luck

modified:  cost to join and cost per tourney

also some clubs do volunteer work or fund raisers

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I think it depends on why you are joining a club. Are you in it for the tournament competition, to learn or both. What ever your intent you have to make sure that the club has the same agenda. One club i quit all they cared about was tournaments and were ultra secretive about fishing info. Also make sure the rules fit you. Some clubs have some screwed up rules.

Most important I think is to see if you mesh with the current members.

Good Luck.

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Choose several clubs in your area, attend their meetings and see which ones you feel like you would like to get to know better. This will help you eliminate some.  Also find out what the club is all about? Ask questions, check their web site, tourney schedule, etc. BUT most of all make sure you like the members before you join. Also see if you can fish a tourney with them before joining. I hope this helps some. bigbasset

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I am the president of the Boise Bass Busters and can honestly say that our club isn't for everyone.

I saw a post where they mentioned meeting with the president and asking questions about the club. This is dead on track.

For instance, ours is a tournament and family oriented club. However, we don't do a boater/non-boater draw. You fish in your boat or have to find someone to fish with. This would possibly change down the road once you and the  other members get to know each other.

We have structured meetings, participate in youth events and help on conservation projects as well.

If you are only in to tournament fishing, any officer of the club should be able to sit down with you and discuss your goals and tell you whether or not you would like their setup.

Hope this helps,

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