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Dalton Tam

Club Shirts- pics-

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So I've been working hard to get a bass club started at my highschool with little help from any adults. My old school had a bass club but had a good head sponsor that knows alot about running a bass club and alot about fishing in general. I've been stuck out on a limb to really get this club started beens how no adults at my school either, Knows how to run a club or even bass fish. Anyway, I got a girl to draw us up a logo and I took the logo to a printing shop and got us all shirts. Check them out and see what you guys think.



Front Left Chest Design


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Cool! Nice job getting the club started. Me and my tourney fishing partner (one of my teachers) did the same thing. There are a lot of save the whales type people at my school so we formally named it the wildlife conservation club, although everyone calls it the fishing club. We've helped the state stock salmon, helped at kids trout derbies and gotten some recognition in the local paper for it too! We're hosting a bass tourney July, 17. Shoot me a PM if you want to bounce any ideas back and forth regarding getting new clubs up and running.

Hoodie and hat - the hoodie has the same logo as the hat on the left chest but with a black fish and white letters


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Good looking shirt man :)

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