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I'm hurting.

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Ok fellas let me tell a quick brief story. I was supposed to be at Guntersville from march 29-April 2nd or 3rd. I came home march 31st.

I planned this trip for months planning my way to attack the grass, planing how I'm going to do this and that. Basically I prepared that the weather was going to be sunshining and the grass was going to be abundant and the fish was going to be amazing.

Here what really went down. I arrived at Guntersville march 29th at 9am in the morning. Our hotel was't quiet ready so dad and I put in at that marina and took a nice little run down to spring creek. Weather was cloudy with a small breezes. After 4 hours of fishing around spring creek we didnt get a single bite. So we make a run near the mouth of the main lake and fish around the boat houses that near the feed mills. No bites. So we head back to the hotel and get our stuff put in the room and begin planning our gameplan for tommrow.

Day two. Weather turned real nasty. 56 degree 20-30 MPH wind water getting muddy in some area and water tempature pretty darn cool/cold. So dad and I hit town creek first spot of the day it was a nice creek with steady moving water with few laydowns and we didnt get a single bite in that creek. We moved out to another pocket off the main lake didnt get another bite. Basically wasted day 2 fishing for desperation.

Day 3 dad had enough of the bad weather and weatherman claimig more bad weather comingin. So we load up head northware to goose pond marina and made a quick run up north sauty creek. FINALLY we hooked a 2 pound largemouth. And that was it for our short gloomy trip to g-ville.

Moral of the my story is I didnt plan for the worst I had no clue what do do when that sudden change of nasty weather came through.

So now I'm motivated to find out what to do when weather gets nasty. I honestly dont think it my bait I'm using, but I think it more of rather the location I'm fishing giving the conditions.

I want all 13,000 some members to start sending me links and notes on fishes you caught in nasty weather and how it as accomplished. I got to learn to fish in nasty weather.

I'm try get my boat washed down and clean out and get on my home lake tommrow and try catch some fish before my spring break ends. :-[

P.S. I'm thinkng about going to guntersville again in late may/early june and get revenge.

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Well, to begin with, Guntersville had everyone challenged during the Roadtrip. However, several guys did very well! The challenge seemed to be (1) finding the fish and (2) selecting a lure they would bite. I'll let the winners talk about what they did right. For those like me, we stayed with the pattern and lure (Rat-L-Trap) that we were told should work. Our (my) success was limited.


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It not just guntersville, but rather my home lake even when I get my one bite and my first keeper in the boat I seem to have trouble staying onto that pattern.

I remember one outing I caught all 4 fish doing the same thing. Then another outing I caught 3 fish doing 3 diffferent baits. So I keep trying to hit something similar to way I caught first one etc and still cant get bit.

Basically I have trouble remaining consisent and adapting to changes.

I got to be very discpline and adapt to changes and staying onto patterns.

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For me, after a cold front, I have to slow down and fish a worm type bait. Sometimes, I can get a few bites on a jerkbait but again I have to pause for up to 20+ seconds.

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