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1st time out in 08

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NinerMan and I went out today for the first time here in Mo.  It was supposed to warm up to 55 but i don't think it got above 45, and there was a wind blowing  pretty good as well.  

I hooked into one, my scale says it's 2.2kg and if I did my math right thats 4.8 lbs.  He didn't seem to me to be that big but maybe he hid it in his tail!?!?!?  LOL

NinerMan got the big goose egg.  Sorry Bro!

All in all it was a fun day.


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Thanks all.

The water was pretty muddy as you can see in the pic's.  I usually throw a dark purple worm in there no matter what time of year.  Dark wasn't working so I decided to throw something I never throw here, Chartreuse, and at least one of them liked it!  LOL

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Congrats on the first catch of the year. Mind sharing your fishing spot or is that a secret? I grew up in Marshall and head back to the farm a few times in the summer. Always looking for another place to hit the water.


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