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Flippin' Good Time and Teria's New PB!!!

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Well finally got a chance to come home to Bass Resource! I've got to many irons in the fire but, I'm getting the doggies branded.

I've been fishing with my new partner(wife) and my first partner(Dad). It's been a great week starting last Saturday.

Teria and I went out on Saturday the 5th and caught a few but nothing to brag about. I think it was about 12 fish and 4 keepers. But I was unlocking a pattern.

Then on Sunday I went out on my own and really got to fine tune what was going on. The lake was 6 ft. above summer pool! There was enough wood and brush submerged to give the bass a lot of places to hide. Most guys thought the bass were scattered and they were ...kind of. ::) Anyway, I paid close attention to every fish I caught on Sunday and found a few factors that related to all of the quality ones. Type of cover...the most dense bushes and cypress trees. Water depth...4-6 ft. Structure...flats near or right next to the feeder creeks. Lure...t-rig with a slow fall rate.

On Saturday I ended up with another dozen. Best being at 4 lbs. 12oz. Had a couple more pushing 4 and another at 3 1/2.

Then on Monday, Teria, Dad, and I went out togather for a nice day. We kept in mind that I was prefishing for the BFL on Saturday the 12th but, I still wanted to enjoy the day. Well we did! Didn't have any "GO-rillas" but caught over twenty fish and Teria got her new PB at 3lbs. 5 oz.! Dad's best on the day was 3 lbs. 6 oz. and I got 5 lber. Really, we didn't totally whack em' but, it was the chance of getting out with my best friends and just enjoying a good day on the lake!

Then on Saturday the 12th, I finished 18th out of 160 in my BFL divisional tournament with 16lbs. 4 oz. The lake dropped a foot and a half but I made the adjustment. Solid effort...I guess.

Sorry to go on. It has been a good week even though we've had some tough conditions with the cold fronts and unsteady lake elevation.

Here's some pics:

Teria and her new PB. She had to borrow a hat from Dad, the sun was getting to her.


Dad and a nice Ky Lake LM:


5 lber! She put up a fight!


Just a little taste of what's to come for next year's roadtrip!


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Quality time with the family and good solid fish to boot.  Can't beat it!!  Give Teria a pat on the back for that new PB.  Congrats on the fish and the tourney.  ;)

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That'll work  ;)

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