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One Fish Anna

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OK, during the week the weather was nice and the Dogwoods are starting to bloom.

So you would expect the water temperature to be in the mid-60's and the bass heading to shore to spawn.


The wind was strong; we had rain and cloud cover; white caps on the lake when the wind got strong; and it was hard to control the boat with the trolling motor which started to get weak around 2:30 in the afternoon.

And to top if off, the jet skiers, house boats and ski boats were all over the place, even with the white caps, so One Fish Anna is getting ready for another crazy summer of fun and boating by people who don't know how to do boating.

Then to top if off, my new cap from Green Top blew out of the boat and is gone forever.

The fish were not on shore as they went back deep although the water temperature was 62*.

We caught them off shore (30 to 40 feet from the shoreline) on a Rat-L-Trap, Bandit 200 crankbaits and finally, one on a Caroline rig, which we should have thrown all day.

Two homeowners told us that they had seen momma bass and her friends around their docks for the past two days. Of course, with the weather conditions they were no longer around the docks.

I caught four on four bites; friend caught four and lost two; we had very few keepers and my largest was 2.6 pounds.

11 pounds won the tournament with big bass going for 5.8 pounds.

Hey, there is always next year on One Fish Anna.

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Sam,  YOU GOT FOUR FISH on ANNA?!?!?!  You are a legend in your own time!  Sounds like the natives are restless early this year!  Well, you just fished Anna more times than I will this year!  

I just got both of the kids Tee ball and baseball schedules.  Saturday games Tee ball and baseball 9AM to 2 PM.  Monday Teeball game, Tuesday baseball game, Wednesday baseball practice and Thursday Tee ball practice.  My Wednesday night tournaments are out the window until June 15 and all Saturday mornings are out of the question.  I couldn't fish Anna if I wanted too!   ;D

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I went out on saturday. The wind was insane and my trolling motor wasnt working on 24 volt. It was only going on 12 so I just had to get in some protected coves. And even there I was harassed by the wind. I only stayed out for about three hours. I caught 3 that went about 12-14 inches and I had one come unbuttoned that I think was at least 7. I tightened my drag about all the way to try and control the fish but it just kept peeling line and got me wrapped around a piling.

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Hey T,

You are doing more important things than fishing.

And wait until they get older and play on two different teams at different times and days.

It just gets better as they grow up!

And Just Crazy, I know about that wind.  It blew us all over the place, even in the coves.

It was a fun trip, anyway.

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Hey Sam,

For the conditions you fished in I think having 4 was great!! I have never fished at Anna but I do hear that is a hard place to fish like Chesdin.

Good luck on the next one, John.

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