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Shortest fishing trip in history

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This had to be the shortest trip ever.  I took the family out this afternoon for a little fishing/picnic.  Launched the boat started out across the lake tied on a f-5 series rapala minnow on my 6 year old sons rod and set him up on the  back platform to cast his little heart out.  5 or 6 casts into the afternoon he hollers out in pain.   He let a little to much line out and when he tried to cast he put the lure and 2 of the 3 hook points on the front treble into his arm  After several attemps to get it out with no success, off to the emergency room we went.  No more fishing today.  The hook is out and all is well now but he is not so sure about using lures anymore he thinks he will stay with live bait form now on, just drop it over the side no casting and no treble hooks!

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OUCH!  That's never fun getting a hook anywhere in your body.

We were returning from a fishing trip quite a view years ago when my little brother took a hook to the head.  My older brother had left a Chug Bug tied on his rod and my little brother laid down to take a nap and, well, laid right down on it.  :P.  It went past the barb so we had to take him to the emergency room, but he turned out fine.

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Yes, I have had a treble hook surgically removed from my finger so I know what the little boy went through.

My shortest fishing trip was when I tested the motor, trolling motor and the boat's systems before leaving home, as I always do.

The trolling motor was inoperable. Seems BPS had snipped a wire when they did some specialty work on the boat.

Never left home and lost my $75 tournament entrance fee.

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Ouch! I keep a pair of hook cutters to help me get embedded hooks out of a fish's throat if he's taken one deep (happens on wacky rigs a lot for some reason) where I'll cut the barb end off and then remove the shank. Yeah you lose the hook but save the fish usually. If that thing went straight in then there's no tool minus a general surgeon that's going to help you as you just found out. Bummer for sure.

I had a short one Saturday with a guy who my wife calls my "charity case". He's a less than fortunate man in his 50's whose been down on his luck more than not. I've kind of taken a liking to him and try to share some of the things I've been blessed with with the less fortunate and this guys been around for a few years now.

He came down this weekend and stayed with us at our home on Lake Norman in NC and I took him fishing in my bass boat... Usually he comes down and fishes from my dock and does OK but he wanted to ride in the Triton 21X HP w/the 250 Pro XS and see how the tournament anglers go about it so I obliged.

Now this guy is not the model of health, he's half blind, got stomach problems, heart problems, prostate problems, this problem, that problem, and about any other problem you've heard about or thought of (at least if you ask him on the right day anyway). I think most of it is in his head but he's usually dying of something that could kill him at any moment until he forgets about it and comes down with the next major illness. Been that way for the past several years and he's not dead yet.

So we load up the boat, get to the water and getting a hand launching is out of the question so I put him in the boat and have him sit tight while I launch, tie up, park the truck, etc. I keep the pontoon in the lake and the bass boat on the trailer for mobility purposes. Should have stuck with the pontoon and cut bait for white perch that day....

We take off and the wind kicks up, clouds come in, and before we are at our first spot he wants to go back. He's gotta pee.... Guess we went too fast, it looked like rain, he got nervous, etc and back we went. I tied up, let him out, he hit the latrine at the ramp and then stood around wondering if he wanted to fish anymore...

I convinced him to get it (I wanted to fish, it's my Saturday too...) so we go back out and start fishing. I boat 5 in an hour, he's zeroing so I focus on helping him catch fish and stop fishing. While doing that the rain comes in so he's panicing. I put my goretex on him and troll over to a covered dock, let him out to stay dry and I fish for the next 20 minutes in a deluge with a T shirt on and shorts.... I'm happy right? Yeah.....

Sun comes out, he gets back in, we keep fishing, he can't do anything right and wants to leave so we quit and go in. This all happens in about an hour and a half which is about as short of day fishing as I've ever had.

There is good news for him, not so much for me. Sunday AM I take him down on the dock, rig up a jig and craw for him and am teaching him how to flip and pitch back up under the fixed pier from the floating section. He catches a nice 2 pounder and all is well with him. I land 7 on a weightless fluke and jig duo. I miss the whole weekend on my boat and now it's back to work for another week with little chance of fishing other than from my dock which I know is a great thing to have.

It's a noble thing to try and do but it can be hard so patience is the rule of the day. At least he did not hang a treble hook in my head or any other part of mine. I only let him throw TX rigged soft plastics or shakey heads as he catches fish on them usually and he won't bury a hook in my noggin with one of his wild casts.

If this made you laugh or smile then I did my part.  I was frustrated about it yesterday when he left but realize now that we're really blessed and not to forget it.  He'll be back this summer providing he doesn't die from bird flu, cell phone radiation to the head, chinese toxins that have been released into the air and floated all of the way to Asheville, NC and landed directly on him, prostate disease, acid reflux, or unevenly sized feet....  When he does come back down, I'll take a dose of patience as well as a stiff drink or four and we'll try it again....

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Man, that really stinks!

I've only experienced 3 treble hook incidents.

First one was a LONG time ago! I was on the sending end. I was musky fishing with Dad and didn't realize he was walking behind me. I drew back to make a cast and got him in the back.  :o  Luckily, no doctor was needed to remove the hooks!

Next one was a few years ago. I was fishing with a friend on my boat. He was using spinning tackle and the bail must have closed on him cause on his cast, the line stopped and I found a Excaliber top water bait in my leg. Since I only made about 10 casts, I cut the hooks out and went back to fishing.  ;D

The last time, a day I can't live down at work, was another musky fishing battle. I was out at a HOT spot, by myself of course, when I hooked a decent musky. Landed it rather quickly (experienced taught me that! LOL!) and when I tried to remove the hook from the musky, it threw its head up and drove two of the front two trebles into my right hand. Um, the back hook is still in the fairly green 45" musky! After another angler came by, he removed the hook from the bait so I could get to the hospital to get that one removed! Top Raider hooks aren't made to go in a human! OUCH!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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