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My Return to fishing, some decent fish, and my first self taken fish photo

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I do not know why but these last couple months I seem to have lost my interested in fishing. Up until Sunday I had not fished for about two months..Well I think I can safely say that I am back into it again now...

Went out on Sunday and caught three bass on Senkos and Chatterbaits...here is on of the bass...


I also caught a decent size channel cat on the Senko the same day...


Today I went out fishing again and managed another three decent bass. I was fishing a very small pond that holds millions of dinks and almost no bass over 3 LBS. I did manage to get this nice bass on a zoom super fluke though...


Now the the thing I am most proud of about the bass in the last picture is the actual photo. I had no one around to take a picture so I decided to try to use the delayed action function on my digital camera. I placed the camera on top of a trash can then stepped back, picked up my fish and posed for the picture which was taken with a 10 second delay. Funny thing is I think of all the photos I took within the last two days this self taken one turned out the best...LOL

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fpb in the house!  great job man. :)

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How could you have a lost interest in fishing for 2 months? Shame on you.  Glad you came to your senses and are back.  I missed your exotic fish posts.

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