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few hybrids

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went out sunday morning in search of a few hybrids.  we caught 3 keepers.  man these things fight hard!!


the fish turned off as soon as the sun got up.  so i spent the rest of the day like this.


and usually ended up like this.


and a few with the kids







i also landed me a nasty nasty sunburn(i know i know, sunblock)  anyway i actually called in sick today.  i think i had a touch of sun poisoning. i have blisters now on my forehead and all over the top of my head.  it sucks.  but i would take it every weekend to catch some fish then spend a fun day with the family!!


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yeah it was alot of fun.  it was kinda funny on one spill i took.  i went head first with my back towards the boat and i think my knees hit my face!!  and as soon as i got oriented i felt my sunglasses hit my leg.  so i started grabbing around under water and i actually got them!!  my wifes step dad was doing the camera action.  he has an amazing camera and he is also very knowledgeable on how to use it and get good pictures.  like i said it was great fun but my wife and i are paying for it now with terrible sunburns.



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I love Hybrid fishing. I have a place on Greers Ferry which has the world record and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets the next one. The lake is loaded with them and yes they FIGHT!!!!

Nice fish.... Yours might be a little bigger than my last 2.:)


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