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6/6/08 Fishing Report.... 7 bass in 2.5 hours

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Had a great outing today. A while back I lost my digital scale, just left it at the lake and just bought a NEW one today. Wanted to start weighing fish again so I went fishing. Started at around 2:30 and I got off the lake at around 5. I often tend to struggle fishing if its not late in the evening or early in the morning but NOT today....

On my very first cast I tossed my 4 inch green weightless senko into the reeds at the back of the lake. Twitched is a few times and got hit right away....


Ended up with this bass that went 2 LBS 6 OZ

After this I decided to fish a rapala original floating jerk bait for a while and caught two dinks of around a pound each.

I then went back to my green senko and made a long cast past a point in the pond. Just like on the first cast after I twitched the bait a couple times I got a hit and caught this bass....


He went EXACTLY 3 LBS.

A couple casts later I caught another dink on the senko...

Later in the day I decided to try out a bait I have had for a while the stom Kickin Minnow. I caught my first bass on the lure just casting it into the middle of nowhere for no reason....


The fish ended up going 2 LBS 7 OZ.

For the last hour I realy did not catch anything... However on my last cast in a corner pocket of of the pond where there is a deep drop off I caught the last fish of the day. He went 2 LBS 3 OZ and was caught on a zoom fluke which I was fishing pretty slowly....


Yeah it was a great outing. However it was missing one thing which was a big HAWG of a bass. I realy do not know if that little pond has and huge bass though. Its a very small pond which you can walk around in under 10 minutes and I have only ever seen two bass over 5 LBS swimming. It does have some huge koi carp though. The koi in my avatar was 12 LBS 11 OZ and was caught out of that same pond. Maybe the bass in that pond are of the northern strain and just do not get that big. Or maybe the small pond restricts their growth. I know the bass are not stunted though since all the bass I do catch out of there are healthy looking fish. There are also plenty of bluegills for the m to feed on :)

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I can tell you that pond has some nice ones we caught this one about a month ago theremikebeast.jpg

and we have hooked into a few other nice ones but lost them in the reeds. congrats on the good day

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