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scattered bass

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made it out this morning 5:45 till about 9:30. boated two, and lost three right at the boat (all three on a lippless bait that i haven't doctered yet.) both fish were 12 and 15 respectivley one on a Spot and one on a white spinnerbait. Water temp was 79.

the question I have is that the fish seem to be everywhere. I caught one on a transition from deeper Rock onto a flat (was in 25' casting into 6') ripping the Spot through a deep weededge (about 12'-15').

The other was on a white spinnerbait casting on a flat (10'-6') with scattered grass and wood. I lost A pretty nice 3-4lb on a flat too. I also lost two fish fishing deep rock(from 3' steps down to 50'+) which is where these bass spawn. Does this mean these fish are in post spawn, and are scattering back to their summer haunts(weed flats, timber, etc.)  Sorry for such a long question, I just want to make sure my head is on straight. If that is too much info, I will cut it down next time! Thanks!


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When did your spawn end? It was proabably at least 3 weeks long, with fish coming and going. Afterwards, they do go back to summer locations. But, not all fish do the same exact thing. I think from reading about fish habits (through the fishing filter -looking for patterns) we get the idea that all fish move en masse away from spawning sites to "summer haunts".

The reality is that individual fish start the spawning progression at different times, then drop back to their summer location(s). Some likely move rapidly, others hang out around spawning sites, others probably filter back slowly.

And I said summer "location(s)" because not all individual bass have the same habits. Telemetry studies often have individual bass that are home-bodies and others that are roamers, that cover large areas.

Where they do though is pretty consistent: They go for the food. In natural lakes post-spawn is a prime feeding time when vegetation is still developing and small fishes still exposed.

Your scattered fish may mean that there aren't areas that are excluding fish -yet. Too hot in the shallows, too little O2 in the depths. That may come later.

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