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Strike King Burner

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Kept seeing KVD catch all those bass on the Strike King Burner Spinnerbait, the bait monkey bit me and I had to have one.  Took it out to one of my local small ponds and figured the fish would be up closer to the bank in the shallow water so cast it out parallel to the bank and BAM!  Caught a 4 pounder!  Thought that was too good to be true.  He really snockered it!  Wasn't a few minutes later and WHAM!  Only a 3 pounder, but it sure made the day worthwhile, considering I only had about an hour and a half to fish.  Called it a day and left a winner!  Hope ya'll have as good a luck!  Now this ain't no hawg tale, but when you're confined to bank fishing and working under such time restraints, it just makes the trip worthwhile and fun!

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That sounds like a great trip to me. Spinnerbait hits are awesome. I will take catching 3 and 4 lbers everytime. Nice work


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cool deal!

I really dig those short stops like that when a couple good fish are lipped, pack up and back to work.  Make the rest of the day better.

I dig it more to fish all day but like J. Joplin said "get it while you can"

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