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Ghost fish!

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It had been cold the last couple of days in wisconsin. I still have not caught my first bass of the season. I was itching to get out and set the hook on any f***ing fish. However I failed terribly was it me or a date with destiny?

I was fishing in Lake Geneva today and was on a dock. I really was not expecting any fish to appear. I was hoping to just test the action of my baits and see how they acted in the water as it was clear. I was fishing a fluke when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. There was a small school of 5 bass. I immediately went to my bag and pulled out a senko. I rigged it wacky style and tossed it a bit over them then reeled it back to the fish. Not even a look at the bait. I thought senkos were bass magic. Anyway, I pulled the bait out to see if I had done something wrong. When I found that nothing was wrong, I went back over the dock. The fish were gone.

Next I continued to cast under the dock as I thought they were early spawners and it was sunny out. I skipped my senko under the dock and fished it. Not even a nibble. I was so angry that I went back to my bag and see what else I could use. I put my rod down and thought about what I could do. I leaned over the dock to observe the structure. The fish were back. I pick up my rod and senko. I got back up and casted. I looked into the water and they were gone. I was only down for about 2 seconds and the fish were gone. At this point I was about to toss my rod into the water.

Now I went back to my bag and pulled out a bps rattle shad. I tied it on expecting not to see the fish. They were there. i casted the shad about 20 feet from the fish then slowly brought it in. 10 feet away from the fish my parents called over to me and said we were leaving. I responded with the usual okay but did not think of anything besides hooking my first bass. I looked over and saw that the bass had once again disappeared. I was content.

I looked out over the lake and saw the sunset and the calm water. I said, "nothing better than being in nature instead of being in school." In the back of my mind I said, " yeah sure, I better be in for one hell of a fish the next I go fishing."

I do not know why or how those fish were constantly escaping. Perhaps I was meant to catch my first bass in legendary style:

First bass of the year, fishing, no one there. It is all quiet. I am slowing twitching a fluke. All of the sudden a dark shaded is below my bait. I watch it carefully. It jumps 5 feet out of the water with my bait in the top of its mouth. I reel the slack and set the hook like mad man and yank that fish back into the water. We have an ancient fight: Man vs beast. I fight my hardest. For an hour I fight this fish. A crowd starts to gather and I can feel the adrenaline. I say time to end this and pull the fish out of the water. With my eyes wide and in awe, I hold before me a 10 pound bass on an ultralight.

One heck of a dream. Or maybe I destined to not catch any bass this season. Who knows. Maybe somebody else would unlock the secret of the "Ghost Bass".

From now on, no fish is leaving my sight!

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I don't know if your aware, but it is illegal to fish inland bass in WI right now.  The inland game fishing season doesn't open until the first Sat in May.

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You met the famous "disappearing bass."

We all see them.

They come and go as they please.

They are mystical.

They follow you around, too.  :D

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