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Jr Southern Divsional

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WOW! what an experience. This was the most well organized tournament I've ever been in and am thankful I got the oppurtunity. It was held on Lake Gaston in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina.

Well in practice me and my partner Tanner (we're both named Tanner) found what we thought was a reliable pattern fishing the areas around the "Danger" buoys on points and such. The buoys usuall mark some underwater hazard such as a rockpile. We caught several on shaky heads and thought we had our pattern. We were hoping to catch them off docks on our practice day but with all the cloud cover we had, the fish weren't pushed under the docks.

So the tournament day. Friday. Also the last day of the adult Southern Divisional. Terrible conditions starting out to say the least. Pouring rain and 40mph winds. Well the winds sent our pattern straight down the drain. No way were we able to hold the boat on our open water spots in that wind. So we just tryed fishing our spots in the wind to no avail. Finally around 10:00 the rain stops and the sun comes out and it turns into a beautiful day except for the wind of course. Well we just waste 2 hours fishing pointless places with not even a bite. We're both ready to give up because we got 3 hours left and NO keepers between us. Then it hits me. DOCKS!!! The sun would push the fish under the docks. So we high tail it over to Little Stonehouse creek where we were staying at the Stonehouse Lodge and start fishing the marina docks. BANG! 12:15 I get my first keeper on a Watermelon/Red Trick Worm on a 3/16oz Spot Remover. Fish another 45 minutes or so and we're still flipping /pitching docks. Around 12:30 my partner had caught his one and only keeper. Then around 1 I pitch my jig under a dock then stick my rod in the water to check the depth and while its down there I feel that 'ol "THUMP THUMP" so I jerk my rod outta the water and WHACK! my 2nd keeper on a 1/4oz Watermelon/Red. I'm thinkin maybe if I get one more good keeper I just might pull this off. So we keep fishin the tons of docks in the creek. and arond 2:30 I blast my spinnerbait in to a boat slip and whack my 3rd, final, and biggest keeper of the day at around 16 1/2 inches. Little Stonehouse isn't very far from Morningstar MArina at Eaton's Ferry where we were launching but with the 40mph winds we knew we were in for a helluva ride back to the weigh in so we left around 2:50 and got there around 3:10 and had to be back at 3:15.

Talk with the Juniors around the weigh-in is that I'm the only one with more than 2 keepers and I'm like DUDE maybe I pulled this off!!! I was 4th in line behind the 2 boys all the way from South Africa :o and my teammate from Tennessee in the older division. I get up there, weigh my fish and the come out to 4lb 11oz. Not a lot by any standards but maybe just enough. They keep weighing the Jr's and the younger division kids bags kept coming in at around 2-3lbs. finally they call me up to the stage and the leader in the older divison up there for the final 2 kids bags the last older guy weighs in and doesn't have enough to beat the leader in the older division so Ross Burns of South Carolina won the 15-18 divison with 4 that weighed around 7 1/2lbs. Then the last kid in my division comes up. HE BLANKS!!!!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!! I won the Jr Southern divisional with 3 bass at 4lb 11oz. I couldn't believe it!

So I've qualified now for the BASS Jr World Championship on the Harris Chain of Lakes in Tavares, Florida in October. I'm just so happy all my hard work and preparation has paid off.

I'd like to thank my family, friends, the Haywood Co Bass Clubs, the Tennessee Federation Nation, all the great people here on BR especially Sam and FiveBassLimit for all their help in my preparation and Most of all I thank God for all the great oppurtunities he's presented me and for giving me pretty good knack for bass fishing

the ride. me and big Tanner


me and the stringer (somehow he ended up with my biggest one lol)


me with the trophy


me and Ross Burns


The Tennessee crew


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Super fantastic.

Wonderful news.

Congrats!  :)

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Congrats buddy.  I saw where your Dad posted on Tndeer.com about your win also.  Good to see a local youngster doing well.  Make us proud and keep up the good work.

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Saw it in the Jackson Sun this past weekend buddy. Congrats and keep up the attitude and confidence and you'll do great at FL! And keep representing West TN  8-)

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WOW! I missed this thread.

Congrats man!!!

Good luck at the big show! Keep us updated.


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Way to represent! Congratulations, thats a big win!

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