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Tonights outing ;)

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Went ou tonight with my brother in law and had a pretty good couple of hours. We hauled in 6 lmb, 1 alligator gar and two bream. Not bad considering we were fishing from the banks and bridges around here, in the pics his looks MUCH bigger but in reality I am a lot bigger than he is, I handled both fish and they were within a half pound, Mine was caught on a wacky rigged Watermelon red Senko, and his was caught on a firetiger bomber crank. When the bass hit his crank she INHALED the thing and it got caught in her gill plate so she bled out a bit but we were quick and careful with her release and she swam away strong.

There was one bridge we fished where we saw a HUGE lmb, had to be pushing double digits easy, she wouldnt bite but kept swimming back and forth under the bridge, I will be going back for that pig. water was clear and only 5-6' deep



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WTG,,,,,,,,nice fish

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Nice fish man.

That mamma will be hungry sooner or later, so go snag her.

You got that right  ;) I will get her eventually.

We went out today on Kayaks to fish a different canal system and did pretty good He caught 5 lmb on popper and the same diving crank that he caught the one last night on. I caught three today after some hard luck throwing a white/blue spinner, had only one fish hit it and two feet from the kayak he threw the lure, I also threw a topwater crank to no luck then I used a ten inch ribbon tail "senko" and caught two and after that caught one more on a little bitty diving crank.

All in all we had a pretty good weekend, sorry no pics of todays outing cause I didn't take my phone.

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