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Just my luck at lunchtime >:(

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So I decide to head over to the lake at lunchtime today. Overcast, with a pretty heavy wind blowing, so I started out with a Super Spot to see if any thing is active. I get a short follow close to the bank from a little dink but he turned when he saw me. Next thing I know, PLOP! There goes the phone, in the water. Needless to say I'm NOT a happy camper at this point! I power it down and do my best to blow as much of the water out that I can. I figured I wouldn't let it bother me so I keep fishing. I switch up to a Rattlehead spinnerbait and as my luck has gone recently, I hook into a decent fish. I get her next to the shore and see she's a little above average from what I could tell. Reach down and stick my thumb in her mouth and lift her out! I take a quick measurement and she's an inch shy of a citation. The markings on the bass looked pretty cool so I figured I'd chance it and see if the phone would power up. No luck. >:( Bummed, I put the 20", 4lb 12oz largemouth back in the water and watch her swim away! She gave me a great little fight and I have her pic in my head now but I just wish I'd have a pic to share with Y'all as well!

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Sucks about the phone...

I was over at the stick-ups on saturday for a couple hours, could only get one dink. Saw one decent bass cruising around the bank along were some bluegills were. Tried the 4in Tru-tungsten "swimbait" but no takers.

The only thing that really ticked me off was the lake patrol boat was checking license. I was bank fishing so they motored right up to were I was fishing and beached it right in front of me to check my license. No off to the side or trolling motor in. After checking they slam the boat in reversed to leave. Left so much mud I had to gather my stuff and leave the area. Quess were I saw the cruising bass a few minutes earlier.....

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That would have burned me up too! I think I would have had to report them. There's no need for that! Unbelieveable!

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