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I went out saturday for the first time this year. the weather was cold 48 degrees in the morning, 10 mph north west winds over cast spittin rain here and there. water temp was 58-60 so I figured fish aught to start spawning pretty quick, I started out throwing a manns baby -1 and not even a bite after 20 mins. since i hadn't seen any beds I backed off and started fishing 4-6 feet with a rapala dt 4 and nothing for 20 mins. starting to get discouraged I starting thinking about posting on the site to see what I was doing wrong as I thought about possible responses to my "post" I figured people would tell me to use a jerk bait. now I have never done well on a jerk bait but thought i would give it a try. I tied on a rapala x rap, yellow and on my 3rd cast I caught a little dink. cool not getting skunked fished a bit more with a couple small ones. started thinking about my next post, best way to fish a jerk bait, I thought of possible responses and backed off a bit more to 10-12 ft and then it happened. I marked a bunch of fish sitting 5 ft deep over a 12 ft hole about 30 yards from the weed edge. I thought I would give it a try and caught 15 bass between 2 and 4 lbs in like 30 minutes. but then tragedy strikes and I set into something that felt really solid, I got two really good tugs then my line goes limp, It took my ONLY x rap. I was using 20# braid and I guess probably a pike or musky as there are a lot of them in this lake. but after I lost that x rap I couldn't buy a bite. tried a yellow husky jerk and a couple others with nothing. so I am off to the store to pick up 10 or so x raps ;D.

the whole point of this is to thank every one for their input through out my time here. if it wasn't for this site i never would have tried something new. and best of all I now have another technique in my arsenal. thank you every one keep it up.

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Hey kms399, You're VERY considerate and thankyou for making such a wonderful gesture to the Bass Resource Family.....

The fact that you appreciate your time here and consider it of value is wonderful, but the fact that you acknowledge your appreciation is AWESOME.

You are equally valued  

Big O


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I've been in that boat many times.  I don't make it out on the water nearly enough to figure it all out on my own.  This site has been outstanding in answering my questions and giving me the know-how needed to consistently out-catch my friends and family!  Thanks to all BR members for being excellent stewards of our addiction.  Also, thanks to the great sponsors for doing more than paying the bills for this site, thanks to all of those sponsors who take the time to explain their products, offer great deals and great advice!

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