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Need some advice please

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So, it's the weekend now but my dad has to work so he can't take me out on the boat or anything.. But there is little lake a bike ride from my house that has bass in it (we have caught a few). But you can only fish from the bank there and there is just a small area where it is possible. But I love to fish and was thinking about riding my bike up there and fish for a few hours. I was just wondering if yall thought it would be worth itand what time would I need to get there to have the best chance of catching anythingand what should I bring with me ( as in lures or baits ) I usually fish senkos and really like them.

Thanks everyone and sorry for this kind of meaningless topic but I just want to get out and catch some fish by myself for once. (I think it would make my dad proud) Oh and im 16 years old by the way.

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By all means take the senkos, grab some spinners and a couple of cranks.  Not much of a description of the lake, but armed like that, I would bet your gonna smack somethin' ;)

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Make pops proud... fish like a mad man and throw what you have. Bank fishing means throwing parallel to the bank and not perpendicular. Senkos on isolated structure, and cranks to clear (little debris) areas. Tear a few lips off those fish and tell us how it goes! ;D

Oh ya and any time you have tackle in the water your being productive so fish every chance you get!  Good luck.

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