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Skokie Lagoons: Ultimate Test of a Bass Fisherman

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I have got to say, this is the most difficult water to fish to me. This lagoon is my home water and where I do a majority of my fishing. I have caught maybe 3 fish throughout my 1 year fishing career on this lagoon. I do not know if I am a horrible fisherman or the I am cursed. Most of the fisherman I know all get skunked.

I went yesterday to try my luck. i have no idea if the spawn has even begun. i saw 3 fish jump and a guy in a kayak catch a bass. I again was skunked. I fished multiple areas including around a sunken tree. I caught a bass last year in that area. I used a powerworm and a fluke to fish that area. I was using a bi you buzzbait, but it snapped off when I casted. ($10.00 bait!)

I moved over to an area that could be called a rip rap. saw a fish jump and used a senko to lure him out. Nothing. Pulled out a giant worm and swam it over the area. I then pulled out another buzzbait around some trees (did not have a spinnerbait). Nothing.

I pretty much have all baits for all kinds of situations. i know how to use most of them. No matter what I do it takes a god to give me a fish.

I was also limited on baits and only had 2 buzzbaits, plastic worms, jigs and flukes.

This area make you question yourself as a fisherman. I still wonder if I should even be fishing. However, my motto is never give up. I never do, but the lagoons always get the best of me.

Bass this year: 0

:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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If there's fish, there's a way to catch em. Our local city park lakes are tough to fish, lots of pressure, very shallow water, and tons of moss,and algey..but I keep tryin, have caught a few fish, but none of the 6+ lb'rs in there. I don't have every kinda bait made, so I slowly add to my collection...Keep tryin.. ;)

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There is another site (local) that always has posts on the Lagoons.

I remember fishing there as a kid and getting 100 bullheads a day.

There is a guy that seems to do pretty well with beetle spins. In other words keep it small. I will P.M. a link to other site.

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