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It's kind of funny you should ask about fishing DVD's because I bought a ton of them a while back.

Here are the ones that I can think of off of the top of my head. These are all pretty decent DVD's.

1. Mike Del Visco's Understanding Sonar

2. Kevin VanDam Pitching to Heavy Hitters

3. Woo Daves' Structure School

4. KVD Tactics for Changing Conditions

5. Woo Daves' - Woo's Clues

6. Larry Nixon's Spring Tournament Tactics.

That's all I can think of right now but there are more. I talked to Mike Del Visco yesterday and he told me that he has a new DVD about fishing Plastics that will be out in January. I am sure it will be another great one.

JT Bagwell

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I know some of the bassmaster magazines have them advertised. I would look through your old mags! The set should be updated in January with this past classic included. They will probably advertise it in the January or Febuary edition. Bass Pro shops has a good line of videos. I have several!!

My six favorites are as follows.

Wormin with WOO / Woo Daves

Structure School / Woo Daves

Woo's Clues / Woo Daves

Pitchin to heavy hitters / Kevin Vandam

Spinnerbait Tactics / Kevin Vandam

Carolina Rig / Stacy King

They can all be purchased at Bass Pro Shops. I think they are only $9.95 per video. It has been money well spent. I have over 15 videos that I purchased from BPS.

Hope this helps

Tight Lines,


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