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Fishing A Dock

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If it's a floating dock it usually means the water under it is deep and since it's floating,you will only be able to fish the outer edges and maybe up behind under the catwalk.I usually will throw a weighted fluke(which,if you have some skill,you can walk the bait under the dock)and also a  spinnerbait or crankbait around all sides and keep it as tight as possible to the dock.

If the dock has posts,this generally means that the water is somewhat shallow.And the posts will enable you to skip your baits to all parts around and under the dock.In this case I usually skip a jig,finesse worm or fluke as far back as I can get it and then work it back.

Hope this helps you.

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  fish like edges , fish also like shade, they also like  points, so i fish the  two corners and the sides of a dock on the shady side. a lot of people use jigs , but i can come behind you with a spinnerbait and drop it  just like a jig, raise my rod in a upward movement, stop it and let it flutter back down and hang on. its like a jig with a little more action.  got to run   catbird48

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I fish docks at least 90% of the time I fish, because somewhere on the lake fish are holding on them, and because docks are so easy to pattern.  Most of the lakes I fish have docks from 2ft-30ft, and I can catch the fish by using the same pattern on all of these docks.  When I pull up to a dock, my first cast is a pitch to the swimming ladder if there is one, this is normally using a soft plastic or a jig.  this will normally draw a strike.  My next pitches are to any posts or pilings that are visible.  If I am fishing a floating dock, I always cross behind the dock and fish inside the cables, again with a soft plastic or a jig.  After I have picked apart the dock with those lures I may have a fish or two in the boat if I am lucky.  I will then take a crankbait  and cast it directly down both sides and bang it off of whatever is there.

I think the key to dock fishing is catching one fish, and finding out where it was holding, the ladder, a post, in the shade? whatever.

Then you can go from dock to dock, whether it is 5ft or 35ft, and fish the same way.  throw to just that spot and leave and find another dock, it is very quick, and you can catch a limit in a hurry, then go back and pound the docks hard to pull those kicker fish out.

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