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OK, I taking my son fishing tomorrow morning.  Ever have one of those nights before the trip, where you have no idea what you are going to rig up?  I just don't know what I am going to set up.  I have 4 baitcasters and 3-4 spinning rods I can set up but just am puzzled with what to set up.  

The lake I am going is clear to partly stained, 58-59 degrees, some cover as the water is up (somehat flooded) has a nice island with some deep water not too far off.  I was there last week and picked up some fish on my FF at 28-36 ft.  Problem is there are trout in this lake also, couldn't figure out what they were (trout or bass) threw some senkos at them...nothing.

Anyway, any advice is WELCOME!  Remember I still have to show my boy (22 yrs old) that the old man can still catch them.  HELP!

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That water temp would lead me to think they are in pre-spawn mode.  I'd tie on a rat-l-trap and work the edges near the flats where they spawn.  The NW side of the lake will warm up fastest, so if you fish that end of the lake a fluke or a senko would be a good choice, and if you can see some fish cruising in the shallows try throwing a lizard.  Hope this helps and good luck!

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Im from California and as everyone knows the bass love trout. I would throw trout colored flukes. Im still a fan of Senkos, Maybe june bug colored. Good Luck

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