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Removing Imbedded Hooks

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A buddy of mine got a hook stuck in his arm past the barb, and you know that is a trip to the ER. While being prepped the Dr. was removing a crankbait (both trebles) that was inbedded in the face of a 4 yr. old girl. Not wanting to be more invasive they had cut the hooks apart, the Dr. took a sewing needle, eye end first inserted over the barb and rolled the hook out. The Dr. a young oriental woman told my buddy the idea came to her while calming the little girl, and her dad down. Not wanting to make any more incisions than necessary. When she got to my buddy she applied something with a Q-Tip and inserted the needle eye over the barb and rolled the hook out, he said it took longer to explain than to do. Both patients left with only Band-Aids

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It always looks worse (more painful) than it really is.

Years ago, fishing three out of a 15 foot boat, a buddy of mine set the hook, while fishing a topwater lure (DARTER). I was sitting in the middle on a tackle box. The lure, which had triple treble hooks, comes flying through the air and imbeds itself in my leg.

I became very religious at that moment... GOD, GOD, HELP ME...

My buddies father who was running the trolling motor, very nonchalantly grabs the needle-nose pliers and pulls the hooks out of my leg. The same pliers he just used to pull the hooks out of a bass' mouth...

It happened so quickly, I didn't have time to protest. I would have died from cardiac arrest on the ride to the hospital, just from the thoughts... and looking at the impaled triple treble hooks.

The E.R. Doctor knew what she were doing.

My buddies father said he did what he always does when it came to removing a hook. :'(

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Save yourself a trip to the doctor and try this.  I have had it performed on me twice. The person hooked needs to push down on the hook oposite the side of the barb. Your partner needs to run heavy test line through the "J" end of the hook, holding each end of the line with each hand.  While pushing down on the hook, your partner will pull with a quick jerk, popping the hook out. It is critticle to push down on the hook so the barb does not catch on your skin when popping the hook out.  My partner has forearms the size of my legs, I will admit the first time he talked me into trying this I was afraid the hook would stick and he would rip a hole in my arm, but it popped right out and we went back to fishing.

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