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Whats going on with the fish and rain?

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I dont get to go fishing out on the lakes alot normaly 1 time every week but i do go fishing in the stocked ponds all around my house and yesterday me and a buddy of mine caught 10 in the morning and then it rained and we went back out after it rained and we didnt get 1 hit. Do the fish not hit after a rain strom or were we just unlucky ???

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Rain and particularly runoff from the surrounding land has a very negative impact on pond fishing. The rain and partical contaminants affect the chemical composition of the water. Rain may also impact the water temperature. This usually only lasts a day or so.

As a side note, rain has no impact on river or lake fishing. Overcast skies, temperature changes and wind may affect your overall success, but not the rain itself.

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If there is a place on your pond where the runoff comes in, this can be a good place to try after the rain.  The pond I fish in is an overflow from a golf course water hazard across the street (private) but there is a culvert where the water comes into the pond.  after a rain the fish will head to this spot and are usually pretty active as they key in on stuff being washed in through the pipe.  Some times I have even let my bait swing back into the pipe while standing on top and pulled fish out of there.

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