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jig help

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whats the best size jig to use with my rod and reel and trailer type?

witch one would u use when u got a spinning reel medium heavy?

witch one will u fell the best in the water?

net bait chunk will be my trailer

and a 8inch Bass Assassin® Worm Assassin  witch 2 jig will be good for this and what kind of jig

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You have basically posted the same thread you currently have running a few lines down. So I'll post the same reply:

Re: jig size

Reply #6 - Yesterday at 07:04:28 fishin-boy,

I have cleaned up the last two threads where guys have poked

fun at you. We have a broad range of ages and skill sets among

our members and personal abuse is unacceptable.

That said, you need to spend some time reading articles in the

BassResource.com Library, "Fishing Articles" and "Tacklebox" at

the top of the page. Before participating in the Forum, you need

a basic understanding of terms.

Also, if you are really 14, you need to be paying more attention

at school, especially in your English class. An occasional typing

error is one thing, but your posts are an abomination of the written

language. At the very least, use the "Check spelling" we provide

before submitting your post.

-Kent a.k.a. roadwarrior

Global Moderator

Rather than letting you continue to make yourself look like a fool and

become the target of ridicule, future posts that do not meet minimum

standards will be deleted.

This one is closed.

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