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HELP (for tourney)

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The lake/pond is small (77 acres). The pond is basically a 4' flat with about 8' near the spill-way area and a creek channel that runs down the middle (about 6').

The water temp is about 40' (today). The weather this week is to be warm (fri. low 60's, Sat. high 60's, Sunday (day of the tourney) high 60's.

Water is stained (1-10, 10 being muddy, I would give it a 7).

Question: Do the fish come up and sun (like turtles) when warm/hot weather hits in the winter?

Will they not be affected much due to the water temp not drastically changing?

My gut reaction is to do deep water (spill-way area and creek channel) the 1st half of the day and then as the sun gets high, hit the banks and hope they did too.

Anyone have any success stories on warm days in the winter?

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It depends a lot on exactly where you are, but if it's still "winter", stick with deeper presentation.  Water temperatures in the low forties are still cold.

You might try suspending jekbaits on north points, but that depends on water clarity.

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A quick venture to the shallows with a r-trap or fluke outside any cover (prefferably wood) during the peak warming hours will give you a good indicator if they ventured shallow or not but don't spend too much time there if you are not seeing action, stick to the channel and the spillway.

Good luck!

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