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Fishing TOOLS?

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Ok im a mechanic with a 3bay box full of tools to fix cars ... that got me thinking what tools are used in Fishing.

Aside from the obvious pair or pliers and a knife (I use a Gerber Multi Tool Recoil to be exact) What else should you keep in your bag?

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Quality sidecutters for those pesky hooks that get embedded in the back of your hand.

Exactly and they are also good for getting hooks out of a deep hooked fish.

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By Side cutter do you mean ... Angled Dikes ( Not the Girls ) ?

Buddy just brought up an obvious one - Split ring pliers for hooks Cant believe i Didnt think of that i have a Snapon set :)

Though I dont think my Tools would work - Could it hurt the fish after using them in coolant / transmission fluids, oil etc? Obviously id clean them off but wont that stuff still remain ?

I think ill play it safe - Keep my tools away from the water and hit harbor freight :)

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Tools for a boat?

I have a small plastic tool box filled with;

Spark plus wrench and spare spark plugs

Socket key for lock on trailer wheels

Socket for trailer lugs

Socket for nut on big motor Prop


Side cutters

Socket set and ratchet

Vise grips

small can of WD-40

Phillips and regular slot screw drivers


Wrenchs, open and box end

Adjustable wrenchs

Robo grips


Black tape

Duct Tape

Cable ties

Super glue

Goop, this stuff will repair anything

Spare bulbs

Spare fuses

Spare nut and pin for trolling motor

Spare thrust washer, nut, and lock for big motor prop

I am sure there is more stuff in that little box, but this is what I remember without going and looking.... :)

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Does any one make a made in the USA fishing plier type tool. :)

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large dikes,  for cutting hooks

mini dikes,  for all my line cutting tasks

long, bent-tip needle nose pliers,  much easier to remove hooks

Gerber multi-tool,  just generally handy

Gerber diamond hone,  for jig and spinnerbait hook touch-ups

Hemostat (roach clip), another handy tool

Neck knife, just because

Rapala Lok-N-Weigh, weigh the big fish, handle the toothy ones

not tools, but still along for the ride;

Band-aids and disinfectant, 'cause I need them occasionally

Arse-wipe, because I need that occasionally

three small towels, one for hand wiping. The other two go in the cooler on hot days. When I get over-heated, I take one out the cooler, wring it out a bit, and wrap it around my neck. Swap "em when the one on your neck gets warm. It's surprising how well that will cool you down.

spare pair of socks. When you start to get worn down, sit down, take off your shoes and socks and have a cold drink while your feet dry. Put on a clean pair socks with your shoes, and get back at it. This is also surprisingly refreshing on long, hot day on the water.

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