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Different lake results

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I fish 2 smallish lakes mainly.

 Lake A is only 7.5 acres of water. The fish are not huge, 1 -2  LGM's lb for the most part. The water is max 15 feet deep (most 8 or less) and on the clearer side. I tend to fish a lot at late evening to avoid crowds and I catch more fish at this time and predominantly catch them in the same 100yd stretch night after night ( catch and release). Lake has virtualy no cover.

 Lake B has around 25 acres and is somewhat stained. I catch bigger fish 2 lb maybe and a handfull of  4lber's ( heard it also has 6-9lbrs). I very seldom catch much in the late eve or dark either by boat or bank at this lake. I've caught many more in broad daylight even high skies. Lake has light to moderate cover.

Why do I catch fish in the eve at lake A but not Lake B? Is it just because Lake A is smaller and I know its sweet spot better? Or is something to do with the stained vs clearer?  I fish lake A more often and have fished it longer so I do know it better.

Forget about time of year I'm talking about mainly during the "normal" bass fishing months

Just courious of someone's take on this.

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Younger fish attack lures more then older fish. Lake A is smaller with more active fish, and lake B is older with less active fish. I fished in two lakes like that in Kansas, smaller one and bigger old lake. I always liked the older lake because of the older fish. ;) but if i didnt catch anything i would go to the smaller one.


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yeah, but for every picture you post, it makes it slower for people using dial up. So I think it would probably considerate of the dial-up users if only relevant pictures were posted.

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