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Please Help with this Pond

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ok guys i'm going to this pond tomorrow and i know its got big ones. the guy who told me about it regularly catches 3's 4's and 5's out of here (bigger than average for me). i've seen pictures so i know hes not BS'ing ;)


in the picture the bright colored stuff around the edge is water that is between ankle and kneed deep. i plan on wading out into this so that i can cast to deeper water. you can see where the water gets deeper if you look hard enough.

there is actually a distinct line of where it changes from ankle deep water, to medium water, to the deepest water. look hard and you'll see it.

anyway, i plan on experimenting with jigs and my swimbaits in hopes of getting a big bass or a big pickerel.

so do you all have any tips for fishing this pond? if so please speak up! i need some help!  :)

thanks guys :)


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Is this your first time to the pond?Does it have grass?I would sit on that one piece of land that juts out for most of my time

it is in the northeast corner of the pond looks like a small point

I bank fish alot and hate when i am surrounded by inches of water and I will wade but do not like doing it, SO I would stay on the east side and look for structure if I didnt get bites off that point and the adajacent cove. But I would probably investigate that long strip of shallow water that goes way out

I'd drag a senko with a 1/16 or 1/8 oz bullet weight, easy rig for finding fish in a new place, and good for a little deeper water

That looks like a nice pond,Good luck :)

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1.  Where is the dam?  The pond is the deepest by the dam. Fish may be deep looking for oxygen and cooler water.

2.  Any vegetation?  Fish it if you find it.

3.  How early are you going to the pond?  Remember topwaters early AM and late PM.

4.  Bring both heavy and finesse rigs.

5.  Heavy rigs - Baitcaster for crankbaits, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, long casts, any wood or cover you find, Carolnia rig for the fun of it and your frogs and swimbaits. Senkos and getting your Texas rigged worms to a good depth, too. Don't forgt to fish wacky worm for both Senkos and your finesse worms.

6.  Finesse spinning tackle for your drop shots and light presentations and wacky finesse worms. How about the split-shot rig?

7.  Pink or white trick worms fished on the surface near the shore and parallel to the bank.

You will have to fish it to 1) find the fish and 2) see what they want to bite. But you know this.

Colors?  Watermealon and pumpkin seed with black flake seems to work in ponds but try your luck with any color you like.

Maybe they will want your swimbaits; or the Rage Tail products; or the *** plastics; or your Chatterbaits; or jigs and pigs; or Senkos.

Have fun trying your luck and let us know how you do.

Remember to SMILE in your photos.  :)

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thanks guys,

im going in the evening, from about 5:30 or 6:00 to dark.

i will probably just end up experiemting with several lures and just fish around the whole pond.

i hope there is good access on the east shore, for some reason i remember it having a lot of saplings and brush. i think there was a trail though.

im really not sure if i want to use a jig, because i have zero confidence in them, and when im trying to locate some fish, i think i might do better with something i have confidence in.

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That is a small pond to have a good bass population. Using the biulding on the SW shore line by the trees as a reference guide, the pond only looks to be 2to 3 acres. You should be able to walk the entire perimeter and fish a frog, buzzer or plastic worm to learn what is going on in this pond.


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