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Captain Obvious

The story of the 28 pound fish.

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OK when I started the poll " Where is the next world record going to come from," I had no idea that it would turn into such a big deal about the 28lb that I said was in my home lake. But I guess you have to live and learn, so next time I'll have the picture right on hand. But let me say that even if can't find this picture, notice I said FIND, I still know that a fish in the twenty pound range is in that lake. I'm only saying twenty pound range because as you know the weight of a fish can change ( of course even if the fish lost a few pounds it's still a world record weight). so here is what's going on.

Lake Kiowa is a very small gated community that was started as a place for retired people who like to play golf. Golf was the big thing and still is, so don't be surprised if you didn't hear anything about this   fish, your more likely to here about I guy hitting a hole in one than about a world record fish.

The one fact that I should have mention right off the bat is that this picture was taken in 2000. So this picture is several years old, which is why I am having a hard time finding it.

This picture was put on the Internet for a short time. But since most of you don't go to to lakekiowa.com a whole lot you didn't see it. And if you plan on going there to check my story let me save you the trip there is nothing on the website about it.

So now that you guys know the whole story let me tell you what I'm doing to get this picture

After sending an email to the webmaster I went and ask around if any body knew about this picture. What I found was that anybody that had lived in lake Kiowa pre 2000 had seen it at the time it came out, those who are post 2000 all said the  same thing  " Sorry I didn't see it, but I heard about it," some guy even thought it was 30lbs :o. But I saw the picture and the weight so I know that it's not 30lbs.

So now I'm am looking in the last two places that this picture could be. The local lake kiowa newspaper had the picture when the fish was tagged, and the webmaster had the picture. If they can't supply me with the picture I'll give in.

Now that I'm done I'm  sure most of you are going to say "Talk is cheap wheres the picture," . I only did this so you guys know the whole story. Pick this apart, call me a B.S.er do what you like.

At the end of the day I'm not losing any sleep, and the best part is that other people have seen this picture so I'm not alone.And maybe it's for the best, the less people fishing this lake, the more chance I've got of catching this fish.

And please don't throw the dirt till I say that I have given up.

good luck and tight lines          

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Enough of this BS...This thread and the other is closed.

When you come up with a picture, make a new entry,

but otherwise:


-Kent a.k.a. roadwarrior

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