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Spanky SC

How would you fish this body of water ??

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would appreciate any feedback you all may have on how would you apply your knowledge to fish this type of lake this weekend?

The lake is as the follows:

- 200 Acres with very little visible structure - We have begun to sink Trees and other man-made structures to better the lake

- Lake is fed by large springs

- Very clear water- No Wake lake

- Very little pressure- only 3-5 fisherman fish this lake as it is in a gated community and most are practicing catch and release

- Deepest part is 35-40 feet deep (near the dam) feet deep

- Some lily pads and one cove is totally covered with pads

- Lake contains Largemouth, Catfish, Sunfish, Shellcrackers, Pickeral ( fish like a pike with large teeth but much smaller).

How would you plan your day, where would you start, what would you use, where would you start- Lures, Color, size, technique


Spanky S.C.

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Whooo Hooo ! That sounds like my kind of lake :-) I'd start by finding the big ones. Should be pretty easy to do in a 200 acre, clear water lake.

Ofen you will hear me mention a 9" MS Slammer, as big bass just can hardly help but come up to investigate that loud, obnoxious thing, whether they eat it or not.

Oh, don't forget your polarized glasses.


So anyway, as I always say, once you know where the big ones hang out, the battle is 3/4's won ;-)

You could keep going back to those big fish spots 100 times, until you hit them at just the right time..... throwing that same 9" MS Slammer....

Or a jig....

Or a big plastic worm....

Maybe night fishing.....

Whatever works.

But you just "have to know" where the big girls hang out, or else you might just be spinning your wheels.



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Sounds like a lake I fish. I would fish the basic structures like main lake points and maybe hit some flats. This time of the year dont be afraid to go way back in to the creek arms, the bass might be shallower than youd think. Saw some bigguns that wouldnt bite in three feet the just the other day, water temp 46*-52*.

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