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Shakey Head

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I just got a new mold for 6" finesse worm and poured some "floating" ones for a shaky head.  Put them on a Spot Remover pro model jig head and checked them in the aquarium.  SWEEET!!!  These jigheads have a flat side and it really does sit on the flat edge, and the worm tail sticks straight up - just what I was looking for.  

But I have a concern - the 3/16 oz jighead has a hook that is only about 1.5" long - that's a lot of worm for a 1.5" hook.  Are these jig heads made for shorter (e.g., 4" worms)?  I'm concerned I won't hook up very well with the fish.  I searched a little for longer shank hooks on a shaky head but haven't really found anything, plus I'm wondering if a longer shank will impair the action of the worm tail.  Any ideas what to use with a bigger 6" (fairly thick too) finesse worm like this?  Will this short shank jighead hook up with the fish?  Thanks for your comments.


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The short shank is made for smaller worms.


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