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Eddie Munster

Storing option for JJ's Magic

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Yeah, I know what you're thinking 'another thread on this' but after all the concern on how to store this stuff, I wanted to come up with a sensible storage device for tackle boxes. I carry my bottles in my tackle box so I can dip just what I need or freshen up a worm if I want. I worry about them rolling around in there and leaking so I got to thinking of a solution. What I came up with is shown in the pictures below after just about 15 mins of work or so.

First I grabbed a 2'x6' piece of scrap wood I had laying around and traced around the bottoms of a bottle of JJ's with a pencil. I then got out my Forstner bit set and it turned out that 1 11/16" bit was just the right size. I drilled down nearly an inch into each of the three holes while keeping about 3/16" spacing in between each hole and the sides. Once I got done drilling out the holes, I sanded the entire piece, rounding the edges over. Then I grabbed some 'Politician tape' (two faced ;)) and put a couple strips on the bottom of the wood to keep the holder in place once installed. It may not be fancy, but it sure is effective and pretty much spill proof.



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Underground is another option I'm considering.   ;)

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Call you local Government office and see if they have a small Haz-Mat removal container you can have.

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