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A Few Questions..

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Hey everyone. I already asked a couple questions on here and everybody can probably expect more since I do not have a lot of knowledge in fishing. I read as many articles and threads on here and even search google before I ask a question on here. Sometimes I find information but just do not understand it. Anyways, after doing tons of research this week I am beginning to understand what types and size hooks to use, have somewhat of an understanding of types of fishing lines, and some in lures and bait. One of my questions is how do you know if you need to add weights or split shots and how much (especially in worm and soft plastic fishing) or when to use floats? And a more specific question when to T-Rig vs Wacky Rig? My last question for this post (for now lol) is that I only have one rod (for now) and it is a Ugly Stick with 8lb Mono line on it, what lures are supposed to be fished on a setup like that? Thank you and this forum is so helpful.

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With your rod most might tell you worms or light but I would also try if anything small spinners and chatters as well. For wacky, that's an always must fish for me! I haven't T-rig for a while but rarely use weights and if do I use small bullet weight. You can also try shaky, small crank and poppers. Welcome to the site and others should be more explaining and helpful than I.

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For the weight/float questions, add weight if you want the bait to get down the water column quicker. Since the bait will sink quicker, when you pull the bait up off the bottom, it'll go back faster and this can help get a reaction strike from a fish. So adding weight not only gives you some depth control, but it also can add variety to how you present a certain bait.

As for floats, I've only seen them used with baitfish (like shiners) in bass fishing and they can produce some BIG fish. For other species, like crappie for example, you can use a float when you find a concentration of fish so that your bait is always in the strike zone. Then just sit back and wait for it to start bobbing and get pulled under!

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Always read the rod's specifications and stay within them to get the maximum performance from your rods.

Read, read and read.

Join B.A.S.S. and get the Bassmaster Magazine ($15 for membership).

Suscribe to Bassin and Bass Times.

Read, read and read.

Get some videos and start a video library.

Watch YouTube for lots of suggestions and explanations.

As for what weight to use... depends on the season and water clarity and current.

Not all rules apply to all situations. In Virginia, a slow falling wacky Senko type bait, trick worm or finesse worm produces results in warm water. However, here are some rules to consider following:

Cold Water - Slow Drop

Warm Water - Fast Drop

Dirty Water - Larger and Noiser Baits in Dark Colors (Junebug & Black)

Clear Water - Natural Colors (Watermealon)

You will have to experiment to see what the fish want.

May I also suggest that you study one technique with one type of biat each week so you can get proficient with it.

And remember, read, read and read some more. ;)

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