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I was just bout to post in the everything else forum and I noticed that there's now a hunting section and I was gonna post bout shooting its like glenn read my mind.

Well anyways back to shooting I was just out confirming the zero on my .243 because last time I shot it I was missing and not as tight as I wanted like I usually shoot. Well I got all set up expecting to be way off fired off 3rnds went checked my target and I had 1 hole 1 inch high. So I was a bit puzzled why I had 1 hole in a entire sheet of plywood. Could I have had 1 on target and the rest were off by more then 5 feet or so. Well I looked at the back side and what do ya know there's 3 distinct holes on the other side about 8th inch apart but still making 1 bigger hole.

So I went back to 300yards fired 3 more rounds my grouping went up to 3/4 of an inch and 1/4low. Now that's amazing way less then a MOA and in a cheap marlin xs7 that cost me $380 with the scope. All I can say now is its ground hog time.

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thats some nice shooting.

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Id hope so that's what the army trained me to do. I love shooting I haven't to much this year last year I was firing couple hundred rounds a week. Yesterday was the first time I took a gun out sense january. One spot I fish at I like to carry a .22 or my .17 with me to smoke the woodchucks next to the pond for my buddy. Everytime I take a gun they don't come out but if I leave it at home ill see 15 of em I poked one last year with my tecspec rod he got so close to me.

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