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Brian Needham

My Quest To Become A Good Fisherman

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Ok, so I am a new fisherman. I am 34 and began fishing this year, even bought a boat about a month ago (Tracker Avalanche).

I am trying to learn, want to learn, and want to catch fish. I have some friends of mine that fish tourneys, and know of others in my area. Basically they are no real help. Oh I suppose they are of help, but I get really tired of hearing, “just go fish, and you will figure it out.”……..hell, they have it figured out and won’t come off any info. I have found 2 guys willing to help, 1 guy is actually drawing me a map of HIS spots where he fishes on a local lake, a lake where he has won tournaments.

I am going to post my “trip reports” here and hope any new angler reads this and it helps in anyway, cause that is the way to grow the sport, by helping new guys and I am one of those!

Sept 24. East Lake, AR

Water temp 68 degrees

Caught 9 bass biggest was 3.37, most ¾ to a pound with top5 going just over 7 pounds. Also caught 2 grinnel, biggest one was 11 pounds and 1 gar! Lol

The water was “clearer” than I am used to fishing as you could see 2-3 foot. bass were caught on a char/white double willow spinnerbait around cypress trees. I also caught bass with pitching a weightless wacky rigged green watermelon/lam 6 inch worm to the cypress trees. The big bass was caught in 5-7 foot of water on the spinnerbait about 50 feet from a small bridge that connects this lake to another backwater area. The spinnerbait pattern is what another angler on the water told me, I felt better cause it was what I was already throwing, but he would “kill it” in front of the trees and let it flutter. He caught about 15 or so all 1.5# size.

Most of numbers were caught yesterday after the wind layed down and it got cloudy between 11 am- 1:30 pm. But did catch 3 bass early between 7-8 am.

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sept 25 st francis river oxbow

waer temp 75

today I tried to catch the fish post front, and was late. fished a spinnerbait along laydowns and tight to cover. I was still on the char/white double willow.

ran into another boat they had 8 nice fish....they were using smaller black spinnerbaits most likely 1/4oz to my 3/8 oz.

story of the day was I backed my trailer to far in while loading and the frame hung up on the ramp.........end story frame broke in 3 spots..limped 40miles home going 20mph.hell of a day today no fish and a busted trailer. crying.gif

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That is a rough day, hang in there! Keep us posted I'd be happy to help in any way I can

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If you make it down to Al. especially around the Birmingham area. I'd be more than happy to take you fishing. Any questions you might have your more than welcome to pm me or post here. I'll help you out and answer them to the best of my ability. I know what you mean about not having any help. When I started fishing I didn't know or have a single person to help me figure it out. I honestly can say, that I learned 80 some odd percent of my fishing off of these forums and articles on this site. The rest I either figured out on my own, trial and error, or learned from my fishing partner. We started fishing together in March. It will come with time. And remember ask as many questions as you can.

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