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  1. I think you will like the z6, it is a great platform. its better with 115, but 90 might ok....... test drive, test drive, test drive.
  2. the best warrantee is the one you never have to use honestly. if you service your reels each year, or every other year, your chances of having issues are slim, but that's just me.
  3. boats are trouble free, its all the stuff we have hanging off of them is the issue, LOL
  4. Tracker Avalanche...........Ole Bucky!!! As far as fishing.... I loved mine, big, wide, stable fishing platform. All the benefits of tin, with the look of glass...... best of both world's right? Not so fast...... The Avalanche has a known porpoising issues........ the boat would be a bucking bronco at any low to mid range speed. Wide open it was fine, anything less than say 3/4 throttle without the perfect amount trim and its a true "8second ride" I tried everything to correct the issue, whale tails, slow , fast, no trim, more trim, changing props, motor height, adding a jack plate weight distribution inside the boat, everything. I even tracked down the guy (retired) that did the hull testing for tracker for the boat and had a long conversation with him I added the jack plate the week before I sold it..... I think that might have helped, but I only made 1 lake run after installing the jack plate because someone was coming to look at the boat that weekend. you can google the porpoising issue and see it is a known issue with the boat the best advice I can give is: 1. DO NOT buy the boat without driving it and spending some time putting it through its paces, at all speed and all trim ranges 2. DO NOT think any porpoising you find in the test drive can be "fixed" later 3. DO NOT by the boat without a lengthy water test for the record, mine was newer one I want to say 09 or even a 10....... and had a 150 optimax on it. Many members from here rode in mine, Including 00MOD and Glenn. I hope this helps, feel free to PM and we can talk on the phone if needed
  5. that's the best part! I "found" both those fish within 30 yards of one another, I just let Jeffro catch them!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA He PROMISES he'll let me catch one next time!!!!! It is super fun to even watch a fish like that being caught as so few folks have held a true 9 pounder. we both said the same...no gut/no eggs......... but theses fish are HEATLHY, so the future is VERY promising at this little pond.
  6. he edged me out by .11# that day......... of course Jeff weighted them
  7. EVERYONE says that!!!!! I just don't see it, but Ill take it!
  8. yeppers I am still around......... I have been super busy, as I started a new business last summer shortly after the roadtrip and been full throttle ever since. it sucks I been MIA for a while, but I do have notifications on so if you PM me I get the email and try to keep up like that. Have been fishing a few times! went the other day to Pickwick and finally figured something out late in the day..... all small but I will take it after not being on water for a while. I hope all my BR comrades are well and kicking!!! If you ever need to give me a shout PM me or you can always get on Facebook! Brian Needham
  9. Only following your lead......
  10. Got me a smallie PB this weekend. SO GLAD to be able to up my donation total for 2014!!!
  11. Jeff will not let me take pics of drum anymore..............but for you mike, next time we'll get some!! Had a jig bite worked up for the Drum.......we both got a little excited over that one, until we saw it
  12. hey yall, ya boy Needham IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! after a long summer of super busy, I am back and ready to catch fish, and it feels GOOD!!! catching a smallie PB is a great way to start the fall season, and even better to do it with my good friend Jeffro.............even though by "narrowly missing the net" he means........I stabbed at it, cause I thought it was bigger than mine. BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I won the first one I ever entered, never fished another. but as fishing a trail there is a learning curve, you gotta get your head kicked in for a year or two, then break out!
  14. save some cash and get a better product..... order from Siebert Outdoors. click the link on the right hand side of the page.
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